The BEST 100% browser-based cloud storage solution
You can share massive amounts of files without having to upload them beforehand!

Select all the files and folders you want.
No need to wait for the files to be uploaded to your cloud account.

Send the sharing link to a 3rd party.
Files are first streamed directly from your computer.

As files are streamed a copy is kept in your cloud account, so they’re available even if your computer is offline.

Better than Dropbox is totally browser-based, you don’t need to install anything.

Dropbox also has a web interface but it’s very limited: you can’t upload entire folders at a time.

Better than SkyDrive

Skydrive actively scans your files and may close your account without warning if it doesn’t abide by their “code of conduct”.

We value your privacy and we don’t look at your files.

A Unique Model is a hybrid solution that combines file streaming with cloud storage.
If you need to share thousands of massive files, with competing solutions you need to wait ages to upload them.
In contrast, turns your browser into a real file server, so ALL your files are available immediately through the URL provided.
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